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Put on a Microfiber glove (these little babies are amazingly efficient) and start cleaning everything you touch! 

Collect dust from picture frames, figurines, books, vases, etc. as you pick them up in one hand then dust under them with the other. Run your fingertips into chair back curlicues and ornate textures where a cloth just won’t reach.  Weave your fingers into 3 window blind slats at a time.  

When your palm side gets dirty, take them off, put them on opposite hands and keep cleaning. When both outsides are dirty, turn them inside out and keep going. Now go wash your hands (while you’re wearing them) until the gloves are clean, wring them out and keep on cleaning!  OK, now throw them in the washer and take a break!

Get everyone in your family a pair of Microfiber gloves today!

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