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BRZ2 Steam Nozzle

Use the nozzle to create a jet of steam to blast dirt and grime

  • Window tracks, door tracks, heating vents
  • Toilet handles, toilet seat hinges and turn the nozzle upside down to reach up under the rim. You may bury the nozzle in water to within 2 inches of the hose handle (do not get the hose switches wet)
  • Steam where the toilet meets the floor to blast debris out and kill bacteria that causes odor - use a sideways angle and move quickly so you don’t melt the wax ring/caulking
  • Stoves, small appliances, refrigerator gaskets and to defrost freezers
  • Car cup holders, vents and upholstery piping
  • Remove spilled candle wax, gum, tar and sticker residue (turn the nozzle upside down - blast melted wax/gum/tar into a paper towel)
  • Thaw frozen plumbing pipes, melt icicles, thaw icy stairs
  • Faucet, garbage disposal, edge where the sink meets the counter top
  • Sanitize toothbrushes, makeup brushes, hairbrushes and combs
  • Jewelry - watch bands, rings etc.
  • Remove indentations in carpeting where furniture has been moved
  • Lift carpet stains - insert nozzle upside down to bring the stain up first
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