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Wherever you've left fingerprints or smudges, use a Microfiber Glass cloth to bring back the shine. Our Microfiber Glass cloth is perfect for cleaning, shining and polishing glass, mirrors and chrome. Keep plenty on hand for chemical-free polishing of your cell phone, iPad screen, camera lens, sunglasses and computer monitor.

They are reusable and very earth friendly. They work best with plain old tap water so you’ll save big dollars on cleaning chemicals. Cleaning without chemicals means you won’t be creating caustic chemical soup that gets flushed down the drain and ends up in the ground water. No plastic packaging hits the landfill or needs to be recycled either. Since they are not disposable, they actually cost less than pop-up wipes and paper towels that clog the landfill. You’ll save money and mother earth.

16 X 16 washable, reusable
70% Polyester 30% Polyamide
made in China

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