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Our Classic Microfiber cloth 16 X 16 is for general cleaning all over the house.

  • Wipe off counter tops
  • Appliance fronts
  • Cabinets
  • Blinds
  • Clean, shine, buff, polish and dry hardwood floors in one step!

Unlike cotton cloths, Microfibers leave behind no lint or dust.

They actually pick up dirt, debris and capture it within the spaces between the fibers instead of just creating a fluffy storm that resettles on your furniture.

You’ll clean again half as often. That makes them fast, effective and efficient.

You can use them effectively wet or dry. Our high quality Microfiber holds up to seven times its weight in water so it leaves no moisture behind each swipe.

One microfiber cloth can dry a whole sink full of dishes, clean a whole lot of windows and mirrors, or absorb the whole wet spill at once.

They are reusable and very earth friendly.

They work best with plain old tap water so you’ll save big dollars on cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning without chemicals means you won’t be creating caustic chemical soup that gets flushed down the drain and ends up in the ground water.

No plastic packaging hits the landfill or needs to be recycled either.

Since they are not disposable, they actually cost less than pop-up wipes and paper towels that clog the landfill.

You’ll save money and mother earth.

Buy them in a money-saving 5-pack today!

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