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A Really "STEAMY" Book About Getting It Cleaner and Doing It Greener.

We wrote the book on Power Housecleaning!  Every page in this 200+ page book, is packed with more than 100 great ideas about how and where to use your Sargent Steam cleaner. You'll learn everything you need to know about taking housecleaning at your house into the technology age.

Can you imagine actually enjoying the time you spend cleaning?  I know it sounds crazy but wait till you see for yourself!  You'll learn how to:

  • Cut your time spent cleaning in half
  • Get the kids to help!
  • Save $$$ at the grocery store and the  Dr.'s office
  • Win the war against gravity
  • Protect your indoor environment
  • Save Mother earth
  • Earn an 80% return on your investments
  • and the big one - ENJOY CLEANING!

Soon you'll be powering through  tasks you do all the time and you'll find there are a bunch of them you just don't mind doing anymore.

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