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The Sargent Steam Cleaner BRZ2 Deluxe Package for cleaning and ironing provides enough disaster preparedness to make a boy scout proud…a system so complete all you add is water.

The BRZ2 Deluxe Package Includes:

  • Sargent Steam Cleaner BRZ2
  • Sargent Steam Iron
  • Utility Cart
  • Deluxe Accessory Kit

Clean with Sargent Steam Cleaner BRZ2 – dirt just can’t hide from 50 lbs. of pressurized 298-degree steam vapor. The heat sanitizes in 2 seconds and the pressure gets you into cracks and crevices you couldn’t reach by hand. The Sargent Steam Iron handles all your pressing issues. The pressure penetrates through many layers for fast, professional results.

The Utility Cart keeps all your attachments and accessories organized and mobile. You know when you’re in a hotel and the housekeeping staff comes down the hall with their cleaning cart? This does the same thing for you at home – it keeps you efficient and eliminates back-tracking or hunting for the tools you need.

The Deluxe Accessory Kit is the staff pick – favorite cloths, steam enhancers and extensions to help you roam about the room without moving your electrical plug. It has plenty of cloths – microfiber, terry and paper so every job gets just the right touch. If minerals are a problem at your house, they’re no longer a problem. Orange Stuff, and Tub and Tile tackle hard water, rust or tarnish (minerals steam does not remove on its own.) Seriously, you’re going to use (and love) everything in this kit…if it’s in there, our staff voted for it.

Get ready to tackle dirt, grease, and grime wherever it hides faster, easier, better, healthier, less expensively, and more efficiently than any cleaning method you’ve ever used. This is it…you are now equipped to handle any cleaning challenge life can throw at you.

System includes:

1 Steam Generator
1 BRZ2 Iron
1 Hose
1 Floor Brush
1 Diamond Brush
1 Squeegee
3 Extensions
1 Steam Nozzle
1 Filler Bottle
1 1 inch Soft Brush
1 1 inch Stainless Brush
2 1 inch Stiff Brush
2 2 inch Soft Brush
2 2 inch Stiff Brush
1 Scrub Bud
1 Utility Cart
1 Power Pad Set 
1 Extension cord
1 That Orange Stuff
1 Tub N Tile Concentrate & Foaming Sprayer
5 Diamond Fitted Cloths
5 Microfiber Cloths
24 White Terry Towels


Voltage 120 Volts (60Hz)
Current Draw 14.7 amps
Weight - steam generator base 15 lbs.
Stainless Steel Boiler 2.2 qts w/non-stick coating
Operating Time 1.5 - 2 hours
Power 1450 Watts
Max Boiler Temp 300 degrees
Temp at tip 250 degrees F
Working PSI 52
Repair work 1 - 2 day turn in Salt Lake City
Warranty "2 years on defective parts. 5 years boiler & heating element"

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