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Finally a steam iron that just might change your mind about laundry!

  • The Sargent Steam Iron packs a walloping 50 pounds of steam pressure.
  • That means it penetrates deep into the fibers to erase wrinkles from multiple payers in one pass.
  • The hot sole plate glides over your clothing so smoothly and easily, ironing is really not such a chore anymore.
  •  How much money do you spend at the shirt laundry? What if you could save a bundle and get your clothes as pressed and perfect as a professional? (And yes, you do need to iron that shirt before you wear it.)
  • A good press job is the difference between looking sorta OK and looking really polished.

I’ll apologize in advance…once you’ve used a Sargent Steam Iron, that wimpy little hardware store toy iron just won’t cut it anymore! This steam iron is as close to professional equipment as you can get at home.

Let Sargent Steam take the wrinkles out of your life - order yours today!


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